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With many considering the purchase of a Classic Vehicle, we are offering independent pre-purchase inspections, peace of mind when making your investment.

The Duval Classic Automobiles Ltd. team are available to carry out condition reports inspections by arrangement, either prior to an auction, at a dealer or a privateer location, etc...

All of our pre-purchase inspections include a comprehensive authentication of the vehicle, run by one of our highly skilled specialist.

If you already own, or about to purchase a classic or historic motorcar, you will want to know that it is adequately insured, in the event of a claim.

Duval Classic Automobiles Ltd. provide independant photographic valuations, based on a thorough examination, resulting in a realistic appraisal of the vehical overall condition and value.

This will avoid lengthy disputes with the insurance company, in the event of a total loss situation.

Valuations are also available for bankruptcy, probate and other legal matters.

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